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Vancouver Bay Paver Patio Remodel

Patio | Vancouver Bay created on 2018-05-07 22:38:26

Vancouver Bay 24" x 24" pavers

This Vancouver Bay paver patio was a redo of another contractor's work.

Vencouver Bay Paver Patio

Because the pavers were poorly installed, we had to completely demo the site and rebuild everything from scratch.

Vancouver Bay paver patio

After demo'ing the site, we regraded the patio area and then replaced the gravel base.

Vancouver Bay paver patio

In order to rebuild the patio, we had to -pick through all the previous pavers and hand-select the best ones toreuse. The rest had to be replaced.

Vancouver Bay Patio

With careful attention to detail, we were able to rebuild this paver patio to a much higher standard than the original.




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